Terms & Conditions For Creators 

You have to agree on these conditions before you start, read carefully :

  • We add our little fees with your product selling price.

  • You must have an import & export code for shipping outside of your country.

  • You have no rights to sell other invented/innovated products offline using our company name if we found that we'll take legal action.

  • Your invented/innovated product should not harm the animal, human & our beautiful earth in any way or in any manner.

  • We upload your invented/innovated product images or videos on our facebook, twitter, Instagram  & youtube channel for marketing &  customer review.

  • We will use your images & videos for advertisement purpose.

  • We will take your social account username to give credits &  also use on our facebook, twitter, Instagram & youtube channel.

  • We have rights to increase the amount to give best offers to customers but creators mentioned amount will not increase or decrease in any manner & the mentioned amount during the registration process will be transferred to their account.

  • We have the full right to change our fees anytime without any notice.

  • For better experience, understanding & advertising of products, we will also take images & videos from your official channel & website.

  • You & your company/team will not misuse or sell customer data to any other company or person if we found or any customer reports us we will take legal action on you/company.

  • You must have a PayPal account to receive money.

  • The money will be credited in your PayPal account in 24 hours after we get the tracking info of the order.

  • Your invented/innovated product price must include the shipping price you want to collect at every order + your product price + including your PayPal fees.

  • Don't try to request the amount from customers through PayPal. 

  • You have to update & give every order details to us i.e., shipment tracking number.

  • If you trying to connect customers directly for next orders we will disable your listing from our website and take legal action on you.

  • How we charge: our (%) fees + merchant fees.

  • We will charge our fees on the method: " C.P.P = C.S.P + L|E.F "

* C.P.P ( Creators Product Price )

* C.S.P ( Creators Selling Price )

* L|E.F ( Limited Edition Fees )

* CREATORS -  Inventors, Innovators & Companies





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